Celebrating 15 years of serving Amor groups in Mexico :-) - Happy Video  (6:53)



Since 1999 Camping Pros has served hundreds of Amor mission trip groups throughout Baja with their food and tenting needs. Our services are available in partnership with Amor Ministries, a ministry that provides the necessary resources needed to build a home alongside a family in need. Our food services compliment these trips with hearty and delicious meals prepared on site throughout your trip. A tenting option includes complete setup and takedown of all your group's tent accommodations.


With Camping Pros you have a partner with over 15 years of mission trip food service experience in Mexico. Our friendly and dedicated staff loves what they do and will keep you well fed with delicious food, generous portions, and warm Mexican hospitality. The Camping Pros Team has always taken great pride in serving those who serve others and graciously support Amor's vision.


"As a trip coordinator, Camping Pros is not about the meals. We could bring our own PB&J and survive for a week. Camping Pros is about the extra tents when we find, at the last minute, we are short sleeping space. It is the saltine crackers when one of our participants is vomiting. It is the cooler space for refrigerated medication, the extra plastic bags when ours run out, the ice for throbbing, hammered thumbs, it is your staff saying 'What can we do to help' when a crisis of any size comes up. It is my good nightís sleep knowing that I have a local support system to help me care for 21 teens and 5 adults in the middle of the desert, in a foreign country where I donít speak the language. Yes, everything went well on our mission trip to Mexico, and Camping Pros made it so."— D.J. Soviero, Swedenborgian Church of San Francisco, CA