When you come to serve on a mission trip in Mexico, you want to spend your best efforts serving. As a group leader you often find yourself spending more time handling the logistics of just feeding and housing your team! "What exactly will we be eating? Do I bring a team of people just to cook? Is the food bought in Mexico safe? How will people with special dietary needs be accommodated? Will there be enough food to feed everyone? How much does it really cost me to buy supplies I need to feed my team and haul it all to Mexico?”


Food Service is an essential part of the Mexico mission trip experience and that is exactly what the Baja Camp Cooks team specializes in. Since 1999 Baja Camp Cooks has served over 600 mission trip groups in Mexico with their food (and tenting) service needs. We’ve helped hundreds of leaders focus their attention on their group, not on how the next meal is going to be prepared. We take pride in creating jobs in the local communities and rest assured, our local staff loves what they do and will keep you fed with delicious food, generous portions, and warm Mexican hospitality.


“I have NEVER been disappointed with the meals, tents or anything else you offer. Your team has perfected making our lives a little easier. This service you provide allows me to be a better leader for my group and gives us the time/energy to invest in others as well” – Chad Diegle, Desert Cross Lutheran Church (Tijuna Mission Trip)
“Your staff could not be more accommodating to all of our needs and requests. The food was as good as it gets; feeding 57 tired, hungry people as well your team does is a real art. Thank you for everything” – Mark Sarkisian, Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church (Tecate Mission Trip)
“I have said it before and will say it again: we could not have done these mission trips in Rosarito and built almost 100 casas over the past 5 years without the pro-active support and service from you and your staff. Hugs to you and your staff for making this happen” – John Steel, Solana Beach Presbyterian Church (Rosarito Mission Trip)